Piqment Qırmızı 254-Corimax Qırmızı BOH

Pigment Red 254 is a very opaque, bright medium shade red with excellent overall properties. Corimax Red BOH is coloristically yellower and cleaner.
Technical parameters of Pigment red 254

Rəng indeksinin nömrəsi.Piqment Qırmızı 254
Məhsulun adıCorimax Red BOH
Məhsul KateqoriyasıÜzvi piqment
CAS nömrəsi84632-65-5
AB Nömrəsi402-400-4
Kimyəvi AiləPirol
Molekulyar çəki357.19
Molekulyar formulC18H10CI2N2O2
PH dəyəri7
Yağ udma (ml / 100 q)%40
Yüngül Sürət (örtük)7-8
İstilik müqaviməti (örtük)200
Yüngül Sürət (plastik)7
İstilik müqaviməti (plastik)280
Suya davamlılıq5
Yağ müqaviməti5
Turşu müqaviməti5
Qələvi müqavimət5
Hue paylanması


Corimax Red BOH is a high performance pigment, middle opacity, with outstanding fastness properties. It is recommended for all application.


Avtomobil boyaları, memarlıq örtükləri, rulon örtükləri, sənaye boyaları, toz örtükləri, çap pastaları, PVC, rezin, PS, PP, PE, PU, ofset mürəkkəblər, su bazlı mürəkkəblər, həlledici mürəkkəblər, UV mürəkkəblər üçün tövsiyə olunur.

Corimax Red BOH finds applications in water based and solvent based inks. Due to the excellent heat stability, Pigment Red 254 makes a suitable colorant for use in various plastic applications such as PVC, HDPE, polystyrene, polyester spin dyeing, polyolefins, rubber and other areas.

Əlaqəli məlumatlar

Pigment Red 254 is the first DPP variety put on the market in 1986. It gives a neutral red color, has excellent solvent resistance, and has a light fastness of 8 grades. It is mainly used in automotive primers. Its flocculation can be improved by adding additives. In order to reduce costs, it can be mixed with CI Pigment Red 170, which has stronger blue light but lower light resistance. It can also be mixed with quinacridone. Transparent blue light red; also widely used for plastic (PVC, PS, polyolefin, etc.) coloring, heat resistance in HDPE (1 / 3SD) 300 ℃ / 5min.

aliases:C.I.Pigment Red 254; Bright Red [SE, WN]; Ferrari Red*; Blockx Red [BL]; Chinese Red, vermillion (hue) [SI]; Irgazin DPP Red BO [KP]; Lukas Red [LK]; Matisse Red Light [MT]; Naphthol Red Medium? [RT]; Permanent Red [RT]; Permanent Red Deep [CH, RT; Bis-(p-chrolopheny)-1.4-diketopyrrolo(3.4-c)pyrrole; pigment red 254; Plasco red 254; 3,6-bis(4-chlorophenyl)-2,5-dihydropyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole-1,4-dione

Molekulyar quruluş:Pigment-Red-254-Molecular-Structure

Pigment Red 254 is a semi-transparent bright moderate red diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) pigment for the use in OEM paints, deco paints, plastics coloring, powder coatings and inks. Piqment Qırmızı 254 has an excellent color strength, fastness to light and solvents. One type of Corimax Red BOH can be used in a wide variety of applications like inks, master batch and coatings. In plastic application there is a high thermal stability (DIN 12877) of 300 °C.

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